Model Q - Mounted Fertilizer Spreader



The 12-inch wide stainless steel conveyor apron assures you of an even flow of materials from 60 to 650 pounds per acre. The unique Simonsen fertilizer slide controls fertilizer placement on the distributor fan(s) for uniform spread pattern. Heavy-duty stainless steel design (mild steel hopper available) assure many years of continued use.

  • Available in single fan or dual fan design.
  • Many body sizes available to fit your chassis.
  • Ten-gauge mild steel or stainless steel used on hopper body.
  • Available with press-wheel drive or electronic controls.
  • Completely varialbe rate and GPS compatible.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic system powers fan/or fans at constant RPM over a wide range of ground speeds.
  • All spreading controls located in the cab.
  • Two compartments available for added spreading capability.
  • Fifty-foot spread width.
  • Sealed bearings used throughout.
  • Catwalks, lights, and reflectors are standard on all boxes.

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