Tenstar Simulation AB

Simulation Tool for Training of Timber Crane Operators


TENSTAR TIMBER offers a full-scale training tool for the education of timber crane operators. The system provides a realistic simulator with self-instructive exercises that portray real-life environments. A complete guide with database logging allows for monitored feedback by the instructor.

TENSTAR TIMBER focuses on skills needed to safely operate a timber crane truck. The training includes exercises starting from basics skills such as steps before and after driving and maintenance of the vehicle, to more advanced topics as lifting and stability and field exercises on driving and safety.

Training elements included are:

Steps before driving
Maintenance actions
The functions of the control column
Handling of timber logs
The trailer’s functions
Gripping and weighing
Driving exercise with a load
Moving and transporting the timber

Advanced technology and realistic audio.
Professional driving seat, controls, steering wheel and pedals.
Realistic exercises with increasing difficulty.
Full exercise set on crane monitoring; loading/unloading, positioning and transporting, weighing, etc.
Extensive safety exercises.
Complete tutor’s guide for follow-up and feedback.
Flexible visual display using high definition projector or LCD screens.
Realistic and synchronized audio cues to resemble real working environment.
Different types of machines can be operated in the same simulator setup.

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