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Single auger EVOLUTION series is dedicated for farms consisting of dozen up to almost hundred cows. The offer starts from 6 m3 to 16 m3. Three different combinations of dimensions are included in each particular capacity in order to find accurate solution. While it is not enough, Alima designers and fitters build machines to suit individual customer requirements. Alima has achived great experience over the years of activity.

EVOLUTION users are happy with low power requirement that brings savings in fuel consumption. Another important aspect is quality of feed and short time of mixing and preparation of TMR. It has direct correlation with health, fertility and yield of cows. Customers appreciate also realiable cross conveyor  and long lasting and robust construction of EVOLUTION.

EVOLUTION diet mixers as well as other ALIMA machines  has been designed and built by group of company engineers, designers and fitters. Our products are combination of great experience and neverending will to achieve perfection.

ALIMA machines consist of  part delivered by top  producers in the world.


This new series diet mixers are dedicated for small and medium-sized livestock farms. Robust design with a small footprint makes it made a proposal anywhere near durability and reliability necessary equipment is high maneuverability set. This becomes possible in diet mixers Evo Lite compact design and the use of a special frame design, which greatly increases the possibility of turning and improves the handling of the machine. The small width of the axis allows to use them in narrow cowshed.

Evolution Lite is equipped only with a one planetary gear. It is possible because of special system of mixing, cutiing amd discharging TMR. This solution has a big influence on price.

Evolution Lite has a weight, so that the dosage of nutrients and performance of TMR is more precise. Evo Lite are available in versions 8 m3, 10m3 i 12m3.

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