Pichon S.A.

Single Axle Slurry Tanker



This range is designed for users who do not require a large tank capacity. This type of equipment is selected according to two main criteria: short distances (0 to 6km) between the filling and spreading points and a moderate volume of effluents to be used.

The tractor power and the quality soil receiving the filling product are also two decisive factors when choosing a product from this range.

This type of equipment is intended for agriculture, agro-industry and public works.

PICHON proposes single axle tanks, with capacities ranging from 2,600 to 11,350l, that can be used together with a selection of filling  and spreading  solutions and a large range of equipments  and accessories.

  • Basic options
  • Filling solutions
  • Spreading solutions
  • Additional equipment

  • DESP 97/23/CE-compliant tank
  • Integrated chassis
  • Internal and external hot dipped galvanised
  • Steel grade S235JRG2 class 1
  • Tanks < 6,050: no baffle plate
  • 6,050 to 8,100l tanks: 1 baffle plate
  • 10,400 and 11,350l tanks: 2 baffle plates
  • Depending on the capacity, users may have to refer to the regulations in force.

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