- Single-Vertical Splitter


The Single Vertical Splitter with Conveyor is the baby brother of the Double Vertical Splitter with Conveyor.  It offers identical construction, design, and flexibility in a half the package, operating with one working Splitting ram instead of two. Apart from that little fact, it is identical. This machine is tailored to the professional firewood producer that either doesn’t have as big a volume of firewood as the Double Splitter owners or doesn’t have the work force to have a 2 workers on the machine at one time. The output of this machine is exactly half of the Double Splitter; it can produce in excess of 2 full cords and hour ( 6 face cords ).


  • Honda 18hp


  • Length: 25 feet
  • Wheelbase: 10 feet
  • Width: 6 feet
  • Weight: 1500lbs
  • Conveyor (optional): 25 feet

Splitting Cycle

  • 5 seconds

Hydraulic Pump

  • Single stage

Splitting Capabilities

  • Up to 10 face cords per hour
  • Force per ram: 26 tons


  • Honda 20hp
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic log lift
  • Heavy-duty gauge work tables
  • Extended work tables
  • Roof (protects from rain & sun)
  • Wood Hooks

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