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The mini tractor Sirio 4x4 is the smallest tractor in the world! Its width only 65 cm. Despite its reduced dimensions, the tractor hides a 13 KW. engine, which makes it very powerful and suitable for many works, both in narrow spaces and in the field. Moreover, its dimensions makes it the ideal tool for works in greenhouses, nurseries and farms and for particular productions in narrow spaces, such as viticulture and grape Christmas three plantation.

Maximum power 13 KW Diesel.
Starter Electric.
Gearshift 4 forward speeds and 2 reverse motions with gears in oil bath.
Clutch Dry single-plate.
Independent power Locking device on rear axle.
PTO With 2 speeds (575 rpm and 935 rpm counterclockwise) + 6 synchronized speeds with the wheels.
Hydraulic steering Installed
Drive si stem 4x4 all-wheel drive system.
Distributor Hydraulic by 2 levers with rear instant adapters.
Rearview mirror Installed
Dashboard With pilot lamps of control, hour counter, outlet 12 V.
Electric system With battery 12,lights, stop, direction, indicator lamps, electric horn.
Seat Sprung and adjustable.
Brakes Drum brakes on rear wheels.
Parking brakes Parking brake with manual lever.
Accelerator Manual and with pedal.
PTO Lower power take-off with 2 speeds(575 rpm and 935 rpm counterclockwise) + 6 synchronized speeds with the wheels.
Wheels 6.5/80-12.
Weight 432 kg.
Roll-bar Collapsible roll-bar
Safety device Installed for the accidental starting of the engine

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