Model SIROKO Series - Muck Spreaders



Single-axle muck spreaders. Lowered narrow body with vertical beaters. Loading capacities between 6,5 m³ and 14,2 m³.

High tensile steel
The body in high tensile steel makes it possible to reach - by successive folds of the plate - a great resistance while avoiding the lateral reinforcement, and reducing the empty weight of the machine.

Lowered narrow monocoque body
The structure of the body increases the stability on sloping ground. Mounting large-diameter wheels improves traction while reducing ground compaction.

Fully galvanized
The SIROKO is fully galvanized, from the drawbar to the beater frame, to guarantee the longevity of the material.

Moving floor made up of two shipping chains
The resistance of the chains fitted on the spreader is grade 80 (DIN 764), i.e. the highest resistance grade for traction chains. The floor is equipped with lateral tighteners that are easily accessible.

  • Cattle breeding
  • Construction tipping trailer
  • Muck spreaders
  • Others
  • Range
  • Shop
  • Slurry tankers
  • Transport

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