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Sizing Shakers Screen


LMC Sizing Shakers are used to separate dry, flowable products by specific size. Our sizing shakers have proven themselves over the years by separating products such as peanuts, almonds, beans, and much more. The machines are counter-balanced, which allows smooth operation and long life. LMC’s sizing shakers are capable of removing large objects, like sticks, hulls, and small particles such as fines and pieces.

Sizing Shakers Screen

The screens of a typical LMC sizing shaker can be changed in only a few minutes, reducing downtime and increasing your plant’s efficiency. Since we manufacture our own screen, these can be configured for any sizing operation. Ball trays with screen cleaning balls minimize screen blinding for maximum screen efficiency.

Sizing Shakers Options & Features

We offer many types of sizing shakers and can deliver whatever shaker you need for your requirements:

  • Single deck
  • Parallel deck
  • Reverse flow deck
  • Double flow deck
  • Stick removal units available
  • Shaker/aspirator combinations available
  • Quick change screens
  • Stainless steel contacts available
  • Various widths available (24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, and 84”)
  • Various deck angles available (5 deg., 8 deg., 10 deg., 12 deg., and 15 deg.)

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