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Model SJ-55 - Single Blade Labyrinth Type Drip Irrigation Tape


Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape making machine is a new-type production facility for plastic irrigation tape. Its product is applied in cropland and gardens. It saves water and energy.thus improves output and profits.

Characters of the machine

  • The diameter of tape is controlled by diameter-control device so that the measurement and control of diameter of tape is a ecu rate, steady and reliable.
  • The main machine motor, shaping part and tractor all adopt frequency conversion control system and they have characteristics of easy adjustment, reliable performance, stable work condition and low energy consumption.
  • The barrel and screw of extruder adopt ionitriding alloy materials, which has features of high-hardness, high wear-resistance and long service life.
  • The heating temperature of extruder and mold die head adopts automatic-control-temperature. The accuracy of controlling the temperature is high and it also economizes the energy obviously. W    The drip irrigation tape is curled by moment electrical machinery.
  • The drip irrigation tape can overcome the tension emerged effectively. The machine still has the equipment to calculate the length of the drip irrigation tape. The rolling length can be settled casually below 2500m (if meter prolonging is required, it can be ordered). The rolling machine has the functions of memory and automatic alarming etc.
  • The use of drip irrigation tape is especially suitable for the climatic conditions of drought, half drought and mountain region, which can reach the purpose of saving water and increasing output.
  • The whole machine is designed moderately, reasonably, beautifully and its automation degree is high.

The application range of the single blade labyrinth drip irrigation tape:
The drip irrigation tape can be widely used in water saving and irrigation of agricuturefield (cotton, grapery, peanut and wheat etc], greenhouse, gardens etc, and mountain and hill region.

Properties of drip irrigation tape
The single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape water saving equipment has the turbulent flow state and the pressure compensation function. Its labyrinth flow path is shaped at a time through vacuum whole hot pressure. Accuracy of its manufacture is high. It has many water entrance. The entrance can prevent availably from clogging.,water-dripping volume is even and consistence.

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