Model SKE-V - Power Harrow



The new SAUERBURGER SKE-V power harrow is an innovative improvement on today's fixed width harrows. The SKE-V can be adjusted,
without the need for tools, quickly and easily to suit the width of your rows. The special outer blades for the SKE-V can be quickly adjusted by simply pulling the pin out, adjusting the blade and reinserting the pin. The side casing is also simple to remove without the need for tools,
giving easy access to the blades.

The difference from the base setting to the extended setting with the outer blades working a larger area is 20 cm. There are several settings that one can use, for example, the SKEV 1200 has working widths from 1200, 1270, 1330 and 1400mm giving a perfect seed bed over all widths.

The SAUERBURGER power harrows have been developed for row crops. With smooth outer edges and minimal difference between working and total width, ensures an optimal result without damaging the crops or vines
The SAUERBURGER power harrow guarantees an even and level seed bed.

Standard features:-
Heavy duty gearbox for PTO 540 rpm, harrow rpm 280, adjustable CAT 1 mounting, blades made of wear resistant steel, adjustable rear roller, strong walled gear housing, drive gears running in oil bath.

Optional extras:-

  • PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • Seed drill
  • Toothed packer roller
  • Tines

Bearing system SKE
2 heavy duty bearing set wide apart in the bearing housing are able to deal with large axial and radial forces. The bearing housing also has double sealing rings ensuring the longevity of the bearings

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