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Active Nutrition is the basis for all Skretting’s fish feeds. Each component in our fish feed is there for a specific reason, to perform a particular action that contributes to the health, welfare and growth of the fish at that time and in the prevailing environmental conditions.

The feed must suit fish species, size, biology, environment and health and also take economy, production conditions and market requirements into consideration.

In the Active Nutrition concept we see feeds fitting into three categories: Optimised Nutrition, Proactive Nutrition and Specific Nutrition.

Optimised Nutrition provides all the feeds that meet the needs of fish under normal conditions, when the production conditions are optimal and the fish are healthy and strong, to deliver the high growth potential of the fish.

Proactive Nutrition prepares fish for challenging times. This could be stress resulting from higher temperatures, handling and grading or if there is an infection in the region.

Specific Nutrition provides the fish with nutrition that will give them the best opportunity to withstand the effects of a disease, environmental challenges or for those times when you must take specific quality and end-market requirements into consideration. Each formulation features nutrition specific to the challenge the fish are exposed to.

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