Model SL 50 - Air-screen Cleaner



The SL 50 air-screen cleaner is the smallest version of the SL and suitable for all kinds of seeds. This small Air-Screen Cleaner is used for small seed production lots and breeding plots, laboratory purposes, but even to process commercial seed multiplications (e.g. flower seeds). A wide range of sieves makes the machine suitable for almost any crop.The SL 50 is available in 2 versions; 50-2 and 50-3. The 50-3 version has 3 sieve levels for more fractions.

Main details of the SL 50-2 and 50-3

  • Feeding by VIDOS vibrating feeder for a regular flow, with integrated continuously variable speed adjustment for very precise dosing.
  • Capacity of feeding hopper: 12 l. (standard, other hopper sizes on request)
  • The machine works with 2 (or 3) sieve levels. Sieve dimensions: width 40 cm. length 54 cm. *The sieves are cleaned on ball frames, with rubber balls.
  • The sieves are tightly fit in the machine by a central clamp-locking system for quick changing of the sieves and thorough cleaning of the machine.
  • The oscillation of the sieve booth is adjusted by a frequency converter, assuring optimal cleaning results.
  • The machine has no very or low vibration as the sieve-booth is counter balanced.
  • The speed of the cleaning fan is variable and adjusted from standstill to maximum by a frequency converter, assuring very accurate cleaning and sorting of seeds. The fan has a very stable and reproducible output
  • Transparent inspection windows in air column for easy inspection and clean out
  • The machine has a very low noise level.
  • Very easy and thorough cleaning of the machine and no contamination risk, because of the open construction.
  • No wooden frames on the sieves where seeds can hide.

The product to be processed is put into the hopper of VIDOS feeding unit (1), transported by the vibrating gully (2) on the first sieve (4). The dosing is precisely adjustable by a converter.

The overflow from the first sieve leaves the machine at the outlet (6), the seeds dropped through fall on to the second sieve (5), while seeds, smaller than the desired size drop through and are eliminated via outlet (7).The overflow of the second sieve are the desired seeds, which are transported to the air stream cleaning channel (11).

Air- screening
The seeds of the desired fraction, free from impurities and sand, are transported from the lower sieve (5) into the air stream channel (11). In this air stream, the seeds will be separated by gravity specific weight. The heavy seeds, with best germination and vigour, fall down against the air stream into the collecting bin (17), while lighter seeds are carried upwards with the air stream and fall down in the larger part of the channel, into outlet (13). Finally, the lightest seeds and debris leave the machine at outlet (14), the air escapes through a gauze-exhaust. (16). Here, the dust extraction hood can be placed.

Technical Details (SL 50-2)

  • Total length : 130 cm
  • Total width : 105 cm
  • Total height : 160 cm
  • Sieve Width : 40 cm
  • Sieve length : 54 cm
  • Feeding Hopper : 12 l (standard size, bigger size available)
  • Capacity : ca. 150 kg/h (wheat)
  • Power Supply : 220V 50 / 60 Hz 1kw

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