Model SL-80 - Air/Screen Cleaning Machines



The SL-80 Air/Screen cleaning machines is the largest unit of the SL range. Fitted with 3 sieves, this machine is specially developed for handling all kinds of seeds, including the difficult ones and grasses. The main difference with other SL models is the third screen, together with a skid plate between the first and the second screen, to improve the accuracy and quality of cleaning (the second screen is used at its full length just like the first screen) With a very wide range of sieves available, this machine is very versatile and can be used for seed cleaning of almost all crops.

Main Functions
The seeds are filled into the VIDOS vibrating feeding hopper, with continuously variable adjustable vibrating speed for very accurate feeding. The sieves are fitted with a central clamp locking system for quick changing and cleaning. The length of the sieves is 800 mm, ensuring optimal cleaning results.

The sieves are continuously cleaned and the sieve holes are kept open by means of rubber balls. The vibration-frequency of the sieves is continuously variable adjustable for precise fine tuning of the cleaning process. The air stream fan speed is also continuously variable adjustable. To control the air stream speed, the air stream channel has two windows. Absence of vibration is achieved by application of counterweights. The machine has a very low noise level.

Sieving (3 sieve version):
The seeds are put into the VIDOS feeding hopper (1), transported by the vibrating gully (2) on the first sieve (3). The feeding quantity is continuously variable adjustable. The overflow from the first sieve leaves the machine at the outlet (8), the seeds dropped through fall on the skid plate and glide back to the beginning of the second sieve (4), for the next sieving over the whole sieve length. The overflow of the second sieve leaves the machine at the outlet (6), the seeds dropped through fall on the third sieve (5) where parts, smaller than the desired size drop through and are eliminated through outlet (7).The overflow seeds of the third sieve have the desired size and are transported to the air stream channel (11).

Density Screening, sorting

The seeds with the desired size, free from impurities and sand, are transported from sieve (5) into the air stream channel (11). In this air stream, the seeds are sorted by gravity or specific weight. The heavy seeds, with best germination vigour, fall down against the air stream into the collecting bin (H),while the lighter seeds are carried upwards with the air stream and fall down in the larger part of the channel, into outlet (13). Finally, the lightest seeds leave the machine by outlet (14), while the air stream escapes through a gauze-exhaust (16).

Options available as in pictures:

  • Extra high frame so outlet 1 and 3 can be used with containers / boxes.
  • The 'good-seed' outlet 3 is to the side so the container can be placed beside the machine.
  • Outlets (2, 4,) also go into containers, 5 and 6 into drums / bags but can also go into containers.

Technical Details:

  • Total length : ca. 250 cm
  • Total width : ca. 120 cm
  • Total height : 270 cm – 300 cm
  • Power Supply : 230 v 50 Hz + 2.0 kW
  • Feeder : 0,20 kW
  • Sieving : 0,37 kW
  • Air fan: : 1.10 kW
  • Sieve length : 800 mm (0thers available on demand)
  • Sieve width : 800 mm (others available on demand)
  • Feeding hopper : 75 l – (others available)
  • (Overall measurements, other configurations are available)

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