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Model SLA - Hopper Bottom Silos



SLA type silos are designed for long-term storage of all types of grain. They can also be used as operational silos for short-term grain storage, before or after technological processes, such as drying or cleaning. In SLA hopper silos dry or wet grain can be stored. Silos designed for storing wet grain have a special, reinforced structure of sidewall. High quality flat galvanized sheets are used for the production of SLA silos. The galvanic coating of highest quality makes the silos resistant to the accumulation of impurities, minimizes damp condensation and improves phytosanitary conditions of grain storage. SLA hopper silos are suitable for open space installation without extra roofing or housing. They may be installed one by one or together in batteries. They are prepared for aeration of the stored material.


1. Loading inlet
2. Roof
3. Roof vent
4. Silo sidewall
5. Support column
6. Roof inspection hatch
7 External with safety cage
8. Conical floor
9. Discharge
10.Inlet connection for aeration blower

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