Silvatec Skovmaskiner A/S

- Model 814 TF - Timber Forwarder



270° turn able cabin allows the driver to see straight while operating the crane and further reducing upper body and neck load/twist while working Cameras in front and rear to assist in operations requiring backing of the machine Hydraulic suspension of cabin reduces vibrations, driver discomfort and body stress when shuttling on forest roads Forwards, backwards and side tilt of the cabin to optimise driver working position depending on terrain Super comfortable cabin with emphasis on maximising line of sight to critical operational areas such as tires and overhead branches Largest seat to pedal distance Trash bin and stowage for reports and manuals in closed cabinets.

  • Large articulated frame steering (+/- 50°) sets the standard for turning sharp corners!
  • Follow the tracks wherever Silvatec Sleipner TF forwarder goes, reducing ground deformation and time for restoration of forest soil
  • Ample engine power allows for RPM setting to optimise fuel economy
  • High shuttle speed – up to 28 km/h

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