- Model Stage IV - Timber Harvester Next Generation



Innovative and Ergonomic Driver'S Workplace: New generation Sleipner is equipped with ergonomic turning cabin which can turn up to + / - 90 degrees in both directions, levels in all directions and automatically follows the loader from side to side, but can also be controlled manually with joysticks. The ergonomically designed operator seat has well-thought-out instrument panels to the sides and in front of the operator seat, which is air-suspended and air ventilated. All cabin features ensure the operator a comfortable workplace with high productivity.

Excellent Maneuverability and Ease of Access
Downtime is expensive for machine owners and good service access to distribution box with relays and computers can significantly reduce it. Automatically opening of Sleipner's motor hood in two positions, one for daily check, and another for service, make it easy to get to the necessary service area.

Perfect Reliability and Power
New generation Sleipner is equipped with modern Stage4F technology Mercedes motor, turbo charger and has a high torque up to 1250 Nm, which provides excellent responsiveness with high power output. The harvester with this technology can be operated at a lower working engine speed, resulting in a lower noise level, fewer vibrations and, most importantly, lower fuel consumption.

The machine has been developed and designed with 30 years of experience in the forest industry, and the overall target was to build a stable, reliable, modern harvester with high capacity. A machine which can work where others gives up.

We believe that we have reached our target with the new Sleipner Stage IV!!

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