- Timber Harvester Classic



Comfortable workplace: The cabin is designed as a comfortable, high-tech multi-adjustable cockpit. The cabin can tilt, so the operator can sit comfortably when operating the machine on slopes. That eases the strain on the back. There is also an excellent view to all sides, giving the operator optimal overall visibility. The joystick and handle have been designed and placed in cooperation with experienced machine operators to achieve the very highest degree of functionality.

High performance - low impact
One machine that handles most tasks instead of multiple specialised machines translated to lower CO2 emissions. Sleipner is designed for both clear-cutting and thinning. The unique bogie optimizing stabilisation system (B.O.S.S) reduces damage to the forest soil.

Flexible and strong
Sleipner's low centre of gravity provides stability, even in rough terrain. The machine's strong engine and enormous tractive power handle even the toughest challenges you will face in the forest. Articulated and non-articulated steering give Sleipner its outstanding manoeuvrability.

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