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Model SL - Stubble Harrows



Laumetris Ltd. produces trailed harrows with arrow type coulters for hard and soft soil. Main working parts are arrow type coulters, discs, roller and it is very good for plants residuals and weed seed insertion.

Coulters cut top layer soil surface. Arrow type coulter’s width is 250 – 350 mm. (narrower coulter works better) and it is attached to spring tine. Spring tines help to clear itself and protect coulters against rocks. Spring tines with coulters are situated in 4 rows, distance between rows – 800 mm., distance between adjacent tine is 880 mm. and coulters’ track covers over 20 mm. Specially engineered gaps assist when soil is wet and stubble never sticks. In addition, such coulters arrangement lets to cut soil surface evenly in accurate depth – subvert weed roots and mix it. Company uses easy-to-change coulters – it takes less than 20 minutes to change all coulters, so it saves time. Working depth is regulated with helix from 50 – 200 mm.

Discs chop, mix and turn over all cut top layer of soil. Sections of disc are positioned in angle in 2 rows and it completely finishes harrow’s work. Discs are made steel resistant to abrasion, diameter is 450 mm. and 4 mm. thickness. Working depth is regulated with helix. Backed rollers crumble clods, compact soil and level soil surface. Rollers are chosen according to soil state, it can be stick, cage, ring or cambridge type.

Depth of all working parts are regulated by helix separately from every section. Working speed is 10 – 12 km/h. In addition, Laumetris Ltd. produces suspended Cultivators of 2 – 4 m. working length for less powerful tractors. Construction of this type cultivators are analogous to trailed cultivators.

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