Model ZB3 - Slurry Injectors for Contractors



Fertilising grassland is not just a matter of the largest capacity and the fastest speed. The quality of the fertilisation also determines the result. That is why it is now a good idea to become acquainted with the unique Vredo dual disc system. The Vredo system has independent suspension and thus has perfect ground contour following. This unique characteristic also ensures that the slurry is placed where it belongs; near the roots and not on the grass. All usable ammonia thus reaches the roots.

Vredo is very technically advanced. With the new generation of slurry injectors major improvements are once again being presented. This ensures absolute minimal maintenance costs, low traction and even better operation. The Vredo slurry injector is equipped with a Vogelsang distributer and, thanks to the highly functional hose attachment and the horizontal adjustment of the spreader, gives a perfect distribution. VREDO offers technology that every expert is convinced of and every practitioner is impressed by.

The ZB3 is available in 6 different widths:

  • 7,30 meter (3 parts)
  • 8,00 meter (3 parts)
  • 8,40 meter (3 parts)
  • 8,70 meter (3 parts)
  • 9,10 meter (3 parts)
  • 12,00 meter (5 parts)
Double-disc fertilizing element

The unique Vredo double discs system ensures that the ground is incised and opened. The result is minimal fuel consumption and the maintenance of an open soil structure.

Automatic lubrication system

The central automatic lubrication system causes the bearings and pivoting points to be lubricated during operation. This ensures low maintenance, saves down-time and ensures a long working-life.

Hydraulic shut-off

The shut-off valves are operated hydraulically. The cylinders are kept free from manure and dirt because they are mounted high up on the frame. This is a simple, reliable and maintenance free construction.

Disc protectors

The reflective automatic retractable disk protection shields improve visibility during transport and protects other road users.

Distributor adjustment

The slurry distributor can be set horizontally level. This is independent of the position of the injector, and so always achieves a perfect distribution.

Vogelsang slurry distributor

The 3 parts Vredo slurry injector is equipped as standard with a Vogelsang DosiMat distributor with a single row outlet. The 5 parts Vredo slurry injector is equipped as standard with two Vogelsang ExaCut distributors. The distributor ensures perfect distribution and cutting of dirt residues. The distributor can rotate in two directions for an optimal working-life of the wearing parts.

Centre pivot on frame

The centre pivot, which is constructed on the frame, ensures that both wings of the injector always maintain good contact with the ground whereby the discs are able to continue to incise the ground and inject the slurry properly into the slots regardless of large areas of uneven ground.

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