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Slurry Lagoon Lining Systems


Aquadam UK Ltd believe that all agricultural linings systems should be installed in complience of full CQA (Certified Quality Assurance). Everyday before lining work commences, on-site test welds should be carried out and tabs tested on-site with the use of a tensiometer (lab testing kit).


Roll numbers, panal layout, seam-weld air pressure tests should all be recorded by the lining contractor/site supervisor in their daily records. Aquadam UK Ltd provide the UK farmer with a choice of 3 systems to this application.

25yr perfomance warranty system:

  • 1.5mm lldpe geomembrane +
  • 300g per m2 geotextile

30yr performance warranty system:

  • 2mm hdpe geomembrane +
  • 300g per m2 geotextile

35yr performance warranty system:

  • 2.5mm hdpe geomembrane +
  • 300g per m2 geotextile

All lining systems installed by Aquadam UK Ltd exceed the environmental agency's legal requirements.

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