Slurry Tanker



The Abbey Machinery Slurry Tanker range caters for the ‘Total Cow’ by handling the waste product in an economic and environmentally way. It consists of the most extensive range of tanker models and sizes available for today’s farm and contracting customer. Each tanker comprises of key specifications that make the Abbey Machinery Tanker the best suited tanker to meet the demanding customer needs.

The Abbey tanker consists of 5 range options;

  • Standard Tanks 900 – 2000
  • Premium Recess Tanks 1600-2000
  • Premium Plus Recess Tanks 1600-3000
  • Tandem Tanks 2000-4500
  • Tridem Tanks 3000-7000

The standard tanker range

The Abbey standard tanker range consists of 6 different sizes from 750 gallons up to 2000 gallon with a variety of tyre options available. The standard tanker range as with all of the range options from Abbey is manufactured to higher build specification unique to Abbey .  Axles are inserted into the chassis, collared dish ends are standard along with high grade materials used during the manufacturing process.

The Recess tanker range

The Abbey recess tanker range has 5 different options from 1600 gallons up to 3000 gallons.  Along with the key standard Abbey specification in the barrel construction, the Abbey recess range has some class leading qualities which include full length chassis construction, weight sensing sprung drawbar, anti movement internal baffles. The Abbey recess range has an extremely low centre of gravity due to the unique folded chassis construction which has the commercial axle integrated into the chassis thus lowering the overall height considerably.  All Abbey recess tankers have the ability to carry any of the slurry spreading attachments available.

The Tandem Recess tanker range

Abbey Machinery has updated and extended it’s range of Recess Tandem Tankers. The new tanker range offers greater flexibility in running larger flotation tyres while also maintaining a narrow over all width. As demand is growing for the use of flotation tyres in reducing ground compaction, while also maintaining width for narrow roads. These tyres used in conjunction with the Bogie axle system offers superb ground handling capabilities in all weather conditions. Although Tandem Recess tankers are not new to Abbey the extended range offers more models for customers to choose from. The range consists of 3000RT, 3500RT, 4000RT and 4500RT models. This extend range offers the same class leading qualities as currently offered on Abbey’s other ranges of tanks; which include full length chassis construction, weight sensing sprung drawbar and anti movement internal baffles.

The Tandem tanker range

The Abbey tandem tanker range consists of 7 different models ranging in size from 2000 gallons up to 4500 gallons on either spring sets or bogey system with or without steering, which can be either self steering or forced steering with a variety of tyre options.  The Abbey tandem tanker range consists of all standard Abbey vessel specifications.  All tandem tankers are constructed with the vessel mounted onto the full length independent  folded  chassis  system providing unique inherent strength to the machines other key specifications include anti-movement internal baffles as standard and optional extra such; weight sensing sprung drawbar system, weight management system etc. All Abbey tandem tankers have the ability to carry any of the slurry spreading attachments available.

The Tri-axle tanker range

The Abbey tri-axle tanker range consists of 3 models with sizes ranging from 3500 gallons up to 5000 gallons.  Once again this range is constructed with key abbey standard specification. This tanker range has steering axles as standard with both front and rear steering, this feature can be either forced steering or self steering. As with the tandem range this tri axle range includes optional extras such as;

Weight sensing sprung drawbar, weight management system etc. All Abbey tri axle tankers have the ability to carry any of the slurry spreading attachments available.

Standard Abbey Tanker Specification

  • Collared dish ends
  • Higher grade steel
  • Anti-implosion valve
  • Anti-explosion valve
  • Twin Trap System
  • Low centre of gravity

Collared Dished Ends

Collared dish ends which are unique to the Abbey tanker range provide increased additional strength.  These collared dished ends are pressed into the cylinder and have an overlap of 45mm from the end. This process gives extra strength in both front and in the rear of the cylinder along with the built in baffle plates on the recess and tandem models making the abbey tanker range the strongest built tanker on today’s market.

Weight Sensing Sprung Drawbar

Abbey Machinery has pioneered the weight sensing parabolic leaf spring system for today’s demanding market, with 50kph tractor common on the road today and driver comfort and fatigue to the fore for today’s operators. This system automatically senses the weight in the tank and the springs work accordingly.

Abbey Chassis Construction

Abbey Machinery has no rival in the way it produces and manufactures its slurry tankers. Again Abbey has pioneered the low centre of gravity characteristic in its tanks by specifically designing a unique folded full length chassis, in the recess range the heavy commercial axle is integrated into this chassis. This procedure dramatically lowers the tankers centre of gravity.

While not all of the abbey tanker ranges can be galvanised, there is a huge number of tankers which can be from 750 gallons up to 4000 gallons. This gives one an extremely long lasting machine as it is galvanised through a dipping process which gives galvanised cover both inside and outside the tanker.

Three times the life of conventional feeders


  • In chopping the ingredients you want (big bales)
  • In chopping the cost effective fodder you need (beet)
  • In blending the mix you want
  • In the herd you produce
  • In being able to accurately observe and control your animals diets
  • In working the feeder when you want it
  • In keeping maintenance costs low as a result of the robust design of the feeder
  • In being able to adapt the quantities of various ingredients to provide the animal with a balanced feed
  • In blending the mix you want whilst preserving the feed structure
  • By providing a more aerated mix to ensure optimum ingestion

  • Hydraulic counter knives
  • TMR tracker system
  • Rear door options
  • Front door options
  • Slat and chain hydraulic discharge conveyors
  • PVC hydraulic discharge conveyors
  • Hydraulic hinged trays
  • Flat/raised overflow ring
  • Root knives
  • Steering bogie
  • In cab cable/electric controls
  • 2-speed gearbox

  • Manufactured with high grade carbon steel to increase the life of the feeder
  • 15mm heavy duty auger, 20mm floor
  • Independent chassis. Increases stability and strength
  • 4 point weight system
  • Programmable digistar box (EZ3400)
  • Large counter knifes for a faster mix
  • Larger doors for faster feed out and a more even spread
  • Heavy duty industrial SOM/Comer planetary gearbox
  • Extended warranty on gearbox
  • Extended warranty on weigh system
  • Low horse power requirement
  • Self sharpening knifes
  • Has top class mix consistency proven in independent trials world wide

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