SlurryKat Ltd

- Model 24 Metre - Dribble Pak



SlurryKat – The only range of dribble bar spreading technology equipment specifically designed for use with pipeline umbilical systems!

24m Dribble Pak specification:-

  • 24m working width
  • 96 Outlets
  • 2 x Vogelsang ExaCuts macerator/distributions
  • Swing Max self leveling system
  • Non drip system with swing up
  • Folding/unfolding by electro hydraulic system with top swing and hydraulic teleshift and 180 top swing
  • Fully galvanised frame construction
  • 360 degrees hose swivel on swing arm
  • 50/50 boom hydraulic shut off with optional individual pipe shut off if required
  • Straight cured hose ends for uniform distribution
  • 250mm hose distribution spacing
  • 2.8m transport width
  • Attachable 1000m Bak-Pak with a frame as standard
  • Tractor requirement 135+ HP (John Deere 6820 see images)
  • Feeding machine with 4” lay flat, for optimum output we recommend 5” or 6” hose

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