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Sturrysore storage systems help dairy and livestock producers manage manure better to meet environmental regulations and protect the environment.

Reap Economic, Environmental Benefits

With more stringent environmental regulations, homes moving closer to agricultural operations and groundwater concerns rising, many livestock producers are realizing the economic and environmental benefits of an animal waste management system.

Designed for the proper handling, storage and utilization of livestock manure, a waste management system starts with a Slurrystore. Producers can collect, scrape and/or wash wastes into an above-ground Slurrystore, helping protect the environment and better utilizing wastes as a fertilizer.

CST, collaborating with other companies in innovative research, takes pride in helping producers design, improve and implement better animal waste management systems.

Decanting Manure Before It Enters Lagoon

Decanting – the process of separating nutrients in solids from liquids in slurry before it enters a lagoon – is gaining steam as a few innovative producers and universities are realizing its potential rewards.

Decanting manure helps producers achieve even land application for greater fertilizer efficiency, plus lagoons receiving decanted slurry will be less environmentally hazardous and odorous. Lagoons receiving decanted slurry will be less environmentally hazardous and odorous.

By decanting, producers can send the cleanest water possible to the lagoon, reduce odor and lessen environmental contamination in the event of a leak. Decanting with a Slurrystore means capturing nutrient-rich solids, more consistent nutrient application to fields and a substantial savings in purchased fertilizer costs.

Using Microbes To Condition Waste

While physical removal of solids has several benefits, it’s often not enough. Many producers are looking at microbial manure biotreatment systems to help deal with odor, water quality and pathogens. The goal is to remove solids, treat biodegradable organics, eliminate pathogens and remove nutrients for later use. The end result is good quality irrigation water without excess nitrogen or phosphorus entering the streams.

There are two major types of biological waste treatments – aerobic (bacteria needs oxygen to grow) and anaerobic (bacteria will not grow in the presence of oxygen). Aerobic treatment is sufficient for municipal wastewater treatment, but anaerobic is necessary to handle higher levels of organic matters found in livestock manure.

A new biological waste treatment approach developed by Pro-Act Biotech, the NextStep™ System relies on anaerobic digestion and augmented microbes (to keep the anaerobic system active and stable) in a multi-step process. This treatment works best in pull plug or flush systems in combination with processing tanks and a Slurrystore structure.

With a variety of options and specifications, Slurrystore can be customized to fit in many innovative manure processing systems. When working on your complete soil and water conservation plans, ask your Authorized Engineered Storage Products Dealer how a Slurrystore can help both you and the environment.

Nutrient Friendly

With rising fertilizer costs, livestock manure is getting to be an even more valuable resource of the plant nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Adding to its value, manure also can return organic matter and other nutrients, such as sulphur, calcium and magnesium, to the ground, building soil fertility and quality.

The Slurrystore built-in Center Agitation System thoroughly blends and retains nutrients contained in livestock waste.

Only a Slurrystore System is proven to provide ultimate nutrient consistency. With four fully-rotatable floor agitation nozzles available, plus options for over-the-top agitation, Slurrystore Systems uniformly distribute crucial nutrients creating a homogenized, high-quality natural fertilizer slurry. Other nutrient management systems, such as lagoons and concrete pits, do not adequately agitate the manure. This creates an inconsistent balance of nutrients and produces an uneven fertilizer application.

At the current market rates for N, P and K, the high-quality fertilizer value from a Slurrystore will typically be great enough to pay for the system itself within its first 10 years of use. Ask your Authorized Slurrystore Dealer for more details.

Odor Management Advantages

No system can completely eliminate odor. The Slurrystore structure offers engineered solutions to help reduce manure odor problems when compared to other storage methods. In some cases, up to 90% less odor.

  • Smaller surface area (than lagoons or earthen storage pits) exposes less manure to the air.
  • Above-ground design creates a “chimney effect” for lifting odors above ground level.
  • In cattle manure, a natural crust forms on top, sealing in odors.
  • Bottom filling reduces the amount of surface disturbance.
  • An application of straw to the surface area may provide an economical “bio cover”.

The community will value the odor control and environmental containment of a Slurrystore System, especially compared to lagoons and pits.

The Value of Manure as Fertilizer

With rising fertilizer costs, dairy and livestock manure is a valuable resource. A properly sized Slurrystore can easily store manure for months before it is transferred to fields to provide valuable nutrients for crops. The Slurrystore agitation system ensures a consistent nutrient mix for optimum value in each load hauled to the field.

A Slurrystore can help turn a manure liability into a nutrient asset.

A liquid, homogenous manure blend is slurry. Slurry, an excellent way to handle manure as a fertilizer substitute, can be a rich source of N, P, and K.

Research shows that 30 tons of dairy cow slurry, the amount produced by 1.5 mature cows consuming a balanced diet in a year’s time, can provide the total nitrogen fertilizer needs for one acre of 150 bushel-per-acre corn.

The management system you choose today can be the difference between your operation’s manure being called an asset or a pollution liability. Make Slurrystore a key asset in your operation.

Slurrystore Saves More Nutrients

The built-in Center Agitation System thoroughly blends nutrients contained in dairy and livestock waste for higher fertilizer value. Plus, it makes the tough job of manure agitation easier, faster and safer.

Designed for efficient operation, quick adjustment and minimum maintenance, the Slurrystore Agitation Systems offer:

  • Homogenized manure nutrients for fertilizer savings and increased productivity
  • Exceptional mixing capability (including over-the-top agitation)
  • Positive above ground containment
  • Convenience

Nutrient Consistency = Savings

Slurrystore provides the best homogeneous mixture of plant nutrients that can be land applied for crop production, replacing commercial fertilizer. Below, compare the pounds of nutrients before and after agitation.

Choose from two side mount pump assembly models: Model 1400 and Model 2400. The size of your Slurrystore structure and/or size of the tractor PTO horsepower available will determine which size to choose.

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