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- Model SLY - Automatic Seed Counter



The Seed Counter have Microcomputer automatic control. Have touch-key, complete automatic operation. Count seeds fast. Microcomputer automatic control, have touch-key, complete automated operation. LED shows the hypothesis number and the actual number. Count speed can change, no noise, the precision is higher.

1 Count range:Small sample: 0.7~4 mm×0.7~12mm 

 Big sample: 3~10mm×3~12 mm 

2 Count accurate:Big sample: 2/1000(speed action)                       

3 Count speed: ≥1000 /3min ( this is in 2 if you want fast you can change to 3-7) 

4 Count number range:1~99999   LED display read direct.

5 Pre-set stop:1~99999 every number,00000 not count

6 Automatic correct: f=1~2HZ  f=10~20HZ.

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