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Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd.

Model SM-150S/ 400S - Grain Dryers


Two impellers operate in the cyclone mill; one impeller rotates at a high-speed of 2,000 to 15,000rpm while the other moving in positive (S-Type) or reverse (W-Type) rotation. The impellers create high-speed air-flow, which generates a large shear force inside the grinding chamber.

Material Milling

Once in the grinding chamber, material is gradually fractured into small particles by the shear force created by air-flow and the impact among particles. There is very little impact between material and the impeller in the milling operation.

Discharge of Fine Powder

Large particles are thrown outwards by the centrifugal force while fine powder gathers towards the axis. Fine particles of a designated size are suctioned and continuously discharged from the product outlet.

Particle-Size Control

Particle-size is controlled by adjusting parameters. Highly uniform particle-size distribution is achieved down to submicron size by changing parameters such as the impeller rotation speed, the distance between the impellers, and the suction force of particle retrieval device,

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