Model SM 260/25 - Separators



A separator is the most important component when it comes to splitting liquid manure. Usually a comminuting pump is needed to load the separator and also an agitator for the homogenization of the liquid manure.Careful workmanship and select materials allow to apply the separator even under the most difficult conditions, e.g. in slaughterhouses or in the paper or food industry.The separation offers significant advantages regarding both the solid parts and the extracted liquid.


  • Stackable, dry and storable for further use
  • Valuable soil fertilizer
  • Easy transport and restorage
  • Easy to market
  • Good substitute for the straw bedding in livestock cubicles


  • can be distributed with conventional systems;
  • are storable without formation of swimming layers or sediments;
  • demand 20 to 30% less volume than untreated manure;
  • pass easily into the soil;
  • smell less intense than liquid manure containing solids.

In which cases does separation make sense?

  • If liquid manure has to be transported over long distances to be processed in a biogas plant, the costs can be reduced by shipping only the solids.
  • When recirculation matter is needed for biogas plant processes.
  • If there are agitating problems because of too high dry matter contents.
  • When the solids are to be used as bedding material.
  • When solids can be sold.

How a separator can be integrated into an existing system should be discussed in a personal interview.

  • Machine casing: cast iron G25
  • Support for geared motor: cast iron G25
  • Sieve: stainless steel AISI 316
  • Double-channelled screw: hardened special steel
  • Gear motor: 4 kW, 33 RPM (type SM 260)
  • Gear motor: 5.5 kW, 33 RPM (type SM 300)
  • Base frame: hot-dip galvanized steel, vibration-damped construction

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