Elster Water Metering - Honeywell

- Model SM150E/SM150P - Electronic Meter



The silent SM150E/SM150P offers customers the latest in ‘solid state’ electronic metering technology with added benefits. With a robust Fortron (PPS) base, the SM150E/SM150P can be used with brass or metal fittings with no risk of acid/corrosion attack in harsh weather conditions. With non-moving parts technology, the meter delivers accurate readings through the entirety of its product life.  Available with a G 3/4 B size thread.

  • Approved to EN, ISO and OIML standards
  • ISO 4064 Class C and D
  • R160, R200, R250
  • MID approval
  • Available as Pulse (P) and Encoded (E)
  • Unaffected by grit and particles – retains accuracy throughout the entire product lifetime
  • Does not measure air – no overcharging customers
  • Detects leaks and lack of flow
  • Visual read, inductive pad or radio options – offering flexibility and migration between AMR systems
  • Silent operation
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Non-moving parts technology benefits with lifetime accuracy means no lost billing revenue
  • More than one million electronic meters installed worldwide to date

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