Small Animal Tipchute



The For-Most small animal tip chute features a rugged self catching headgate. This allows the operator to be behind the animal and have the animal catch themselves with little or no assistance. This chute is designed to handle calves, sheep and goats with less stress on animal and operator. The For-Most small animal tip chute is heavy duty enough to handle small animals up to 450 pounds. The tip chute has a bottom width adjustment from 5 to 9 inches. T-he table is also equipped with a friction type squeeze to get a firm hold on any size animal. The headgate and tailgate can be mounted on either end, allowing for left or right tipping.

  • Three drop down branding doors open independently to provide plenty of access to the animal.
  • A vertical sliding tailgate stays upright when table is tipped to eliminate a separate gate to stop animals in alley.
  • Adjustable leg pin for separating the animals legs for castrating.
  • Self catching headgate opens wide for easy exit out of the chute. Headgate available seperately.
  • Optional removable foot panel for easy access to the animal’s feet and underside.
  • The table is equipped with a headboard to aid in head restraint and less stress while the animal is tipped on it’s side.

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