Small Cattle Feeder



DOUBLE RACK : Double-sided rack with anti-waste trough. Intended for small livestock (calves, sheep, goats). May be disassembled. Length 2 m 60, width 0.75, height 1 m 22. Tubular frame and trough are galvanized. Sturdy and rational. Delivered in kit. Quick assembly. Optional : corrugate iron roof, length 3 m. NETTED FEEDER ON BARRIER: It hooks on barriers. Very sturdy. With bending bottom. Big capacity. Available in elements of 0 m 95 and 1 m 87, that may be assembled bolting them together at will. Delivered in kit, easy to assemble. FEED RACK TYPE 175: Galvanized one-piece rack reserved for small livestock (calves, sheep, goats). Anti-waste, 70 mm between the bars. It may be fixed directly on the wall, or hang alone or back to back on separation. Length : 1 m 92; height : 0,70; width : 0,45.

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