Smart Cables - Accurate Temperature and Moisture Cables for Grain Management



Cable entrances have watertight roof seals. Cables and brackets designed to minimize and distribute cable down-pull to the roof ribs. Materials are UV Rated. Designed for reliability and dependability. In-Grain 2G Moisture Sensors constantly monitor grain moisture content. Sensors are always 4 feet apart regardless of cable length. Both cables have replaceable sensors. Digi-Temp cables monitor temperature. Engineered for all weather conditions. Compatible with any BinCheck or BinManager system.

SmartCables are the arteries of the entire grain bin management operation. They ensure its success. That's why the 3G Moisture Cable and Digi-Temp Temperature Cable are designed with durability and accuracy in mind. They are engineered for all weather conditions and the materials are even UV rated. The in-grain 3G Moisture Cable is the only one of its kind with sensors that are constantly monitoring grain moisture content to ensure optimal grain conditions. Both cables are compatible with any BinManager or BinCheck System, giving you the flexibility you need for your bin management operation.

SmartCables help to give you peace of mind with the knowledge that in-bin conditions are always being monitored and optimized to ensure high yield and high profitability.


  • Cable entrances have watertight roof seals to keep out the elements
  • Cable and brackets are designed to minimize and distribute cable down-pull to the roof ribs to not compromise the bin's structure and stability
  • Both cables have replaceable sensors to make replacement easy and minimize investment
  • Cables are available for bin sizes from 6 feet to 105 feet, giving you the flexibility to choose the right cables to suit your bins
  • IntelliFarms' installation team will help you install the cables in your bins, and all cables come with a 24-month parts and labor warranty


  • Cables deliver 24/7 accurate monitoring of temperature and in-grain moisture content so you know that conditions are constantly in check and being optimized
  • The durable, weather-proof cables are built to last, giving you peace of mind that they're always on and always working for you

Related Parts

  • Supplement your cable system with two other durable components
  • The Stiffened 4-Rib Bracket System helps to minimize cable down-pull to the roof ribs and meets down-pull requirements of bin companies
  • The SmartCables Boot is the industry-leading all-weather seal that gives you the assurance that elements are kept outside the bin

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