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Model Eco-One Oxo - Biodegradable (OBD) Plastic Mulch



Eco-One Oxo-Biodegradable (OBD) plastic mulch has been used and sold successfully for several years. Eco-One is available in various widths to meet your needs. OBD mulch films provide the strength required to ensure a tight fit over raised and flat beds while improving growing conditions. Eco-One OBD has all the benefits of regular mulch such as increased yields, easy installation, earlier harvest, soil warming, weed control and moisture retention. It employs environmentally sound degradation and degrades above and below the soil. Laboratory studies indicate that this degradable plastic breaks down into CO2, H2O and non-toxic biomass. This eliminates pickup labour, disposal costs and landfill fees.

Phase 1.
Application and Transplanting – Laying of Eco-One OBD film and transplanting can be done using the same equipment as used for conventional plastic mulch.

Phase 2.
Growing and Harvesting – With Eco-One OBD expect all the benefits of conventional plastic mulch.

Phase 3.
No Pickup or Disposal – No cost or time is required to pickup Eco-One OBD plastic.

Phase 4.
Working the Field – After working the soil, the field can be plowed down and the film residues will continue to degrade breaking down into CO2, H2O and biomass.

Eco-One OBD mulch should be used with an understanding of the product, which is provided on the purchase order.

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