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Smart Net Systems

Smart Net Systems is the manufacturer and importer of the finest polyethylene netting products available. Many years have been spent researching and perfecting our nets for different applications. We handle and customize netting to meet your specific needs and provide installation and technical support.

Insect Netting:

Insect netting  is useful against many problem insects including Japanese beetles, Stink Bugs, birds, grasshoppers and hail all in one application.

Insect netting, bird netting and hail netting can be used as floating row crop covers or as over-hoop netting.

Characteristic of our insect nets for row crops:

  • Our netting is made from HD UV protected polyethylene for many years of service.
  • Reinforced edges with button holes for tie down or joining every inch.
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 55 grams per square meter

Sizes:    12 feet x 300 feet
7 feet x 100 feet

Vineyard Netting:

Smart net systems has vineyard netting custom manufactured to meet your specific vineyard netting requirements and vineyard netting applicators to simplify installation. We are a volume vineyard netting importer and distributor. You will be able to purchase the highest quality UV protected bird netting at the most competitive pricing available. Our bird nets are constructed to the most exacting standards both in strength and life expectancy of any agriculture nets on the market. We also offer volume discounts on our bird vineyard netting.

500 denier x 15 mm square single ply POLYETHYLENE knitted netting

Easy Draw Side Curtain Netting for Vineyards:

Hi density UV protected knotted monofilament side curtain netting for vineyards.

Netting size is 6 feet x 524 feet and designed for vineyards of any size. We supply the netting and polyethylene cord for the netting to be mounted on. Mesh size is 20mm square diamond mesh (3/4″). this is a long life material.

Advantages – much less clipping required than the conventional square mesh extruded nets and longer lasting material.

Tree Bags:

Hail protection, insect protection, Japanese beetle, Stink Bug and bird protection net all in one application.

  • Simple to install and remove.
  • Kit includes clips to close flap.
  • These tree bags are made from very tough HD UV protected polyethylene, providing many years of service. Low visual impact.
  • Can be laid directly on the canopy, but a better option is to erect a PVC stand up through the center of the canopy to provide a separation between the netting and the top of the tree.

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