- Model RSW-2 - Silo Weighing Control System



The Rotem RSW-2 is a silo weighing control system that allows the grower to precisely control feed deliveries, feed inventory and feed conversion. Feed dispensing may be set to preset times for mealtime feeding, continuous full feeding, or restricted feeding. Unique versions exist for poultry (both broilers and breeders) as well as pigs. In addition, an easy-to-use model providing the basic functions is also available (RSW-2 GP).

  • Program for general purpose (poultry and swine), swine, breeders and pullets: RSW-2 manages the entire restricted feeding procedure, distinguishing male from female birds (for breeders), and distributing accurate quantities of feed to each feeding line at preset times.
  • RSW-2 monitors feed consumption, measuring quantities consumed per hour and per day.
  • Automatic activation of delivery augers, feeders, lights & alarms.
  • Automatic registration of feed deliveries, including quantity, date and time.
  • Crucial daily data collected, saved & displayed throughout the growth cycle regarding feed & water consumption, live animal weight, feed conversion and bird mortality.

  • Programs for breeders, broilers and pigs
  • Restricted feeding program
  • Separate programs for female & male breeders
  • Up to 10 feeding cycles per day
  • Automatic registration of feed deliveries
  • Skip-a-day function
  • LCD display: 2 X 20 characters
  • Feeding curve
  • Multiple operating modes
  • PC communication for Windows
  • Controls:
    • Up to 2 feeding augers
    • Up to 16 feeding lines; 8 for females & 8 for males
    • Silos: Up to 12 load cells
    • Lights: Up to 10 lighting times per day
    • Alarm output
  • Measures:
    • Feed consumption
    • Water consumption

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