Model SMART Series - Low Cost Controllers

The SMART Controllers control temperature and humidity in agricultural buildings using intelligent, user-friendly climate control software. Designed for installations requiring a small number of relays, SMART controllers are easy to use, simple to program and support a large variety of devices. Byemploying RotemNet PC communication software, you can place different SMART controllers on the same network. SMART Controllers come in four models, ‍SMART-A, ‍SMART-C, ‍SMART-CV, ‍and ‍SMART-10D. The models differ in the number of supported relays and options.


  • Comes in editions specifically designed for both poultry and swine
  • Supports 3 or 4 relays (SMART-A) / 4 or 8 relays (SMART-C/CV)/ 10 relays (SMART-10D)
  • Supports TRIAC for variable speed fan (SMART-CV/10D)
  • Supports light table (SMART-8C/CV/SMART-10D)
  • Supports two potentiometers (SMART-8C/CV/SMART-10D)
  • Supports two analog outputs (SMART-C/CV/D)
  • Supports two digital inputs (SMART-C/CV/D)
  • Provides history data
  • Supports multiple languages:
  • SMART-A: English and Spanish
  • SMART-C/CV/D: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish


  • Reduced energy costs
  • Healthier animals
  • User friendly software enables every grower to tailor SMART to his own specific needs
  • PC communication and remote control facilitate full supervision 24/7

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