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- Mussel Seed Production



Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Seed, wild catch or nursery:. Collector-cleaning ahead of new settlement. Natural settlement or. Seeding spat from hatchery. Reduce predators like starfish. Gentle & efficient spat-harvesting with minimum stress & breakage.

The SmartUnit for rope-grown bivalves production
The SmartUnit is a complete assembled unit consisting of:

  • PE-pipe for buoyancy
  • Head-rope with thimbles for easy mooring
  • Bottom-weights
  • Collector

Mesh-size and rope thickness according to specific needs

The collector choice
All collectors are custom made according to specific needs and  customers specifications. Mesh-size and rope thickness, based on species, planned size at harvesting and site conditions.

Collectors for :

  • Spat-collection & nursery of seed (mussels, oysters)
  • On-growing mussels
  • Seaweed production

For spat production the meshes are normally between 100 mm — 200 mm.
Rope-thickness normally from 14 mm and upwards.

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