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- Model PRO - Harvest Control


Dealers installing their first SmartYield™ Pro systems were amazed at the ease and speed at which an installation could be completed. The system was extensively tested on over 40,000 acres of all major crops with accuracies often exceeding 97%. Producers who tested SmartYield™ Pro side by side against factory installed force-plate technology consistently commented on ease of calibration and spatial accuracy of SmartYield™ Pro. Data analysis post-harvest is validating these comments with most customers preferring to use their Raven yield data vs the yield data generated by their factory installed equipment.

When you use the revolutionary Slingshot RTK/Online Service with SmartYield™ Pro, you have access to seamless data transfer capabilities. Real-time communications and data sharing with any computer anywhere ensure better decisions and more productivity in the field. And Slingshot gives you access to live remote support from Raven's team of experts.


  • Envizio Pro™
  • Envizio Pro II®
  • Envizio Pro™ XL
  • Slingshot®

  • Non-contact optical sensor with hillside compensation ensures more accurate yield data, simpler calibration and faster start-up
  • Real-time display of bushels per acre - both wet and dry, along with moisture
  • Real-time moisture sensing
  • User configurable legends
  • Pre-set combine calibration numbers
  • AccuHeader™ automatically shuts off header sections over already harvested areas for proper yield calculations
  • Slingshot® ready for wireless data transfer

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