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Irrigation water pressure boosting pumps can be mounted on traveling sprinklers or installed between the water source and the sprinkler. Booster pumps are used to raise inadequate water pressure to improve performance of a sprinkler. Booster pumps are gasoline powered to retain the portability of the sprinkler. The gas powered booster pumps are available with either a 5.5 H.P. or 9 H.P. re-coil start air-cooled engine, fuel tank, and mounting hardware, along with automatic shut-off switch. We also have a new 13 or 23 H.P. booster pump kit with electric start. The new 23 H.P. Booster pump kit can either function as a booster pump or a primary irrigation pump when used next to surface water to provide enough pressure for any reel sprinkler up operating through 150 gpm.

We can also install booster pumps that are not mounted on the traveling sprinkler. It may be more desirable to do this under certain conditions, such as limited noise restrictions or no room for the booster.

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