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- Model M300 - Stump Mill Cutter



Sneller Stump Mill M300 Cutter Wheel Highlights, of the Sneller Stump Mill include: an innovative, patented M300 Cutting Wheel and M250 Cutting Tooth design. Sneller’s patented M300 Cutting Wheel was designed and machined with pockets in it to accommodate the M250 tooth. This advanced design installs teeth directly into the wheel eliminating the need for bolts and welding; Teeth are replaced quickly and easily with a punch and hammer. The patented M300 Wheel’s two-piece design makes wheel changes fast (under 45 minutes). It also has six replaceable block sections a unique feature that gives you the ability to replace only the wear areas of the wheel.


Power . . . The Sneller Stump Mill has its own 170 or 275 horsepower diesel engine. This eliminates changing the application on your excavator. 170hp or 275hp of pure cutting power is faster and more efficient for milling any size stump.

Maintenance Convenience of course. There is convenient access to the diesel engine and also to the service areas. A well-planned out design for the air cleaner and pre-cleaner is another advantage Sneller Machine offers. With our combination of belt and gear drive, we have eliminated the problems and costs of a chain drive or hydraulics.

Better Visibility and overall viewing from the excavator's cab height enables the operator to locate each stump faster, and have a clear view of the whole job. The cutting wheel and stump are both visible to the operator during the cutting process. Going from the top of the stump to the roots at any depth. Visibility and power are there. While using the full swing, reach, and depth of your excavator's boom and dipper, you'll have no restrictions and spend less time maneuvering. . .Uneven terrain is not a problem for the Sneller Excavator Mounted Stump Mill, whether it's the other side of a ditch or on a slope.

  • Remote Control operation and data lights to view.
  • Electric Fuel Pump to supply diesel fuel to the stump mill from the excavator.
  • Stand to hold the stump mill when not attached to the excavator.

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