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- Model 200 - Dripline Dripper System



The LARGE Soaker Dripline System contains:- 1 x 30m 13mm supply hose, 2 x 30m soaker dripline, 20 dripline connectors, 20 dripline end stops, 20 dripline pegs, 1 x tap / timer connector, 1 x tee, 2 x end stops, 10 x elbows, 1 x key /punch.  Soaker Dripline is an advanced method of drip-watering that uses emitters spaced every 30cm along the hose to seep water into your soil. Unlike leaky-hose, these emitters use a highly clog-resistant labyrinth system so the hose is durable and reliable. Even better, the high-tech emitters regulate the pressure throughout your watering system to ensure an even drip watering for all your plants.

Soaker Dripline System  - Veg, Flowers, Soft Fruit

  • Ideal for vegetables, flowers and soft fruit
  • Perfect for raised beds
  • 60m of quality soaker dripline + 30m of supply hose
  • Easy to install instructions and support
  • Automatic watering with a timer visit special offers now!

Soaker Dripline is ideal for use in vegetable patches, soft fruit or in flower borders.  The spacing between driplines is dependent on soil conditions and plant density, but having lines spaced approximately 30 - 35cm apart is recommended.

Mains tap fed System: A maximum of 20 lines of drip-line can be extended from the 13mm hose, each to a maximum length of 10m  (33ft.).

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