Model SOC-25 - Grain Cleaning Elevator Machine


The entire grain processing chain using ZAV is done inside SOC-25 unit as s single manufacturing process. For one cycle, SOC-25 carries out the following operations:

  • Feed of the heap
  • Heap cleaning
  • Grain drying
  • Seed calibration
  • Grain loading
  • Discharge of the non-grain wastes into the special container.

Mobile cleaning complex SOC-25 is the latest development of Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant; it has already proved itself as one of the best solutions for the post-harvest crop handling. This model opens a range of incomparable high-tech multi-functional mobile machines for grain cleaning and calibration. SOC-25 replaces completely the grain cleaning unit ZAV-25 and, moreover, reduces all operations performed by grain cleaning unit ZAV to one, simplifying at times grain processing and saving agrarians' time and energy.

Mobile cleaning complex SOC-25 can be applied on the field floors, silos and warehouses of floor storage. SOC-25 has the most advanced ZAV functions, equipped with the best of today separator, ISM-25 cyclone-setting complex. SOC-25 cleans, dries and calibrates precisely the grain. In this view, completion SOC-25 as a mobile unit and equipping with feed and dispatch conveyors gives new and unique possibilities. 

When using SOC-25 the heap of chaff and grain should not be fed to the charging hopper via conveyors. The machine drives to the heap, picks it up and neatly sorts into fractions: grain is sorted into three categories separately; non-grain wastes, dust and cleanings are separated in a special container for disposal.

When discharging the machine, the calibrated grains can be fed to any height up to 4.3 meters or clamped on any side of the machine where it is needed. When clamping the height adjustment of grain feed allows protecting the grain from damages.


Unit SOC-25 is designed on the base of separator ISM-30 COK with cyclone-setting complex that is why it possesses all the properties the separator ТОР™ has, equipped with the cyclone-setting complex of closed cycle:

  • The highest, up to 98% germination, grain quality calibration
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ecological friendly
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Comfort


Today, there is no more complete machine than SOC-25 in the industry of post-harvest crop handling. With the production of the unit SOC-25 Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant is becoming one of the world leaders in the production of high-tech agricultural machinery. Buying mobile cleaning complex SOC-25 means the purchase of the biggest competitive advantage, which only modern innovative technology can give to agriculture.

Driver: Electrical three-phase
Capacity, modes of cleaning/calibration: 25/12.5 tons per hour
Set total capacity: 6.4-9 kW
Working dimensions, H/L/W: 3500/6300/4500 mm
Transport Dimension, H/L/W: 3500/6300/1470 mm
Dispatch conveyor departure: 4000 mm
Working adjustable shipping height: 1000-4300 mm
Weight: 1600 kg
Noise level: 85 dB
Number of operators: 2

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