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- PVC Coated Wire


Soft-Step is PVC coated wire designed by Riverdale exclusively for poultry use. Soft-Step was developed when our team of engineers discovered a need for safer and more sanitary flooring in breeder and broiler houses. Soft-Step is manufactured using premium high-strength steel wire and protected with Riverdale’s proprietary Galvanized after Welding process and fuse-bonded PVC coating. Our manufacturing standards ensure product durability and longevity that gives farmers and breeders a lasting solution that helps to reduce bacteria levels and improves manageability.

Lowers Maintenance
Easy to clean and no broken slats to replace, unlike wood slats which break and splinter

Increases Ventilation
Allows better airflow to reduce moisture and odor

Corrosion Resistant
A protective zinc and PVC coating prevents rusting and rotting

Exceptionally Durable
Lightweight and easy to move yet built strong to support substantial weight without bending or breaking

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