- Model N/NS - Disk Plough-Harrow



The main advantage of disk plough-harrow Softer is a universal usage from the first stubble-breaking to subsequent pre-sowing preparation of the soil after the stubble-breaking or ploughing. Simple design with increased resistance. When used with a tractor of suicient traction power, Softer enables preparation of soil with speeds up to 15 km/h. It guarantees easy incorporation of plant residues into the top-soil after harvest. Softer is characterized with simple design with increased resistance, compactness and versatility with a minimum of adjusting and lubricating points. High pressure to each disk together with dentate circumference ensures optimum penetration even to heavy and over-dried soil. Very short structure of the machine results in precise deep guiding, excellent stability at work and efective quick turning at headlands.

High performance and quality of work

  • High working speed up to 15 km/h.
  • Gear disks for trouble-free penetration into the soil and intensive mixing.
  • Working angle of disks and pressure to each disk ensure uncompromisingpenetration even to heavy and over-dried soils and perfect undercut of the processed profile.
  • High quality rubber mounting for optimal working angles of the disks.
  • Precise deep guiding with optimum soil compaction.
  • Disks with the diameter of 510 mm are located in two rows. For the case of contact with some obstacle, each disk  is separately efectively protected by means of rubber mounting.

Robust design

  • High-strength reined materials in connection with eXtra STEEL line technology guarantee long service life of our machines even in the most difficult conditions.
  • High-strength reined materials used for crucial nodes to ensure long service life. Strongly dimensioned frame of high-strength steel.
  • Maintenance-free placement of disks ensuring operation of the machine with no need of additional lubrication.
  • Resistant and maintenance-free rubber mounting for adaptation to terrain with protection against overload.

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