Soil Conditioners & Biostimulants

BioPro Soil Conditioners and Biostimulants are organic-based  solutions formulated to improve soil health, increase turf vigor, and provide additional protection against stresses affecting turf.

The organic acids that form the foundation of the soil conditioners are derived from either a patented chemical extraction process from leonardite ore or from a proprietary biological composting and        extraction process.  Soil conditioners improve the ability of soils to  retain nutrients by increasing the cation exchange capacity and    increasing soil microbial activity.  This results in a wide variety of benefits including accelerated breakdown of organic material, natural recycling of nutrients, enhanced uptake of nutrients by turf plants, and the   stimulation of root growth and overall plant vigor.

BioPro Biostimulant products are comprised of a proprietary complex of organic acids, plant metabolites, and natural  synergists.  Seaweed extracts are then added to this base complex in proportions specific to turfgrass needs.

BioPro Biostimulants stimulate root growth, improve salinity tolerance, retard turf senescence, and increase fertilizer and  pesticide uptake.  They can be applied individually through fertigation, or a conventional sprayer, or tank-mixed with nutrient blends or pesticides.

BioPro Soil Conditioners and Biostimulants can be applied  individually through fertigation or with a conventional sprayer, or tank-mixed with nutrient blends.

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