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Don’t believe the doubters! You can tile your land yourself, and achieve professional results. We have helped dozens of farms throughout western Canada do just that. The Soil-Max Stealth ZD tile plow is the best-selling plow in North America because it really does make tiling your own land achievable and affordable.

  • Reinforced T1 Steel Frame
  • Upgraded Hydraulics
  • Designed for BIG Tractors

The easiest-pulling plow with the most accurate tile placement control

  • Increased lifting action for less drag & easier pulling
  • Zero deflection for better grade control; tile exits directly below the pivot point
  • Plow is in float while installing; surface conditions have no effect on accuracy

The simplest system to learn & use

  • Drive the run to survey it
  • Design the install on-screen
  • Fully-automated installation

Soil-Max HD Stringer carts offer rugged durability and a smoother ride than lesser carts on the market. The disk braking system is controlled hydraulically from the switch box used to raise and lower the deck, meaning you can adjust the level of braking while stringing, and again makes for a significant improvement over other carts.

The Soil-Max HD Cart is built to handle the rigors of rugged terrain. It has a sturdy 5,200 lb. axle on 6-lug wheels with a steel tube construction frame. A 30-foot magnetic controller and 12V DC hydraulic unit makes operating the unit simple and straightforward.

The 11′ 6″ tabletop diameter with disk brake turntable makes feeding tile similarly easy and the 12-inch diameter stringer can manage the flow of any size tile.

Choose from 3-point hitch, single axle, or tandem axle units. You also have the option to get hydraulic-only units and maxi-spools.

Both on and off the field, our 8-ply high flotation tires (12.5 –15) reduce soil compaction and make transport easy. LED brake lights, height-adjusting hitch, and legal highway transport width eliminate the transportation headache from field to shed.

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