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Soil Plus



Soil-Plus™ is a bio-dynamic soil & plant additive that is rich with Biofeed’s exclusive Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT). ACT® delivers a powerful combination of soluble plant proteins, natural enzymes, cellular extracts, organic acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones and nutrient elements which work to strengthen both plant and microbial activity below ground. Including Soil-Plus™ in your fertilizer program will produce superior quality turf grass, trees, plants, and flowers that are more resistant to environmental pressures and disease.

  • Softens and builds crumb structure in the soil.
  • Releases oxygen into the soil promoting aerobic biological activity, helping the soil to breathe.
  • Improves water penetration and retention.
  • Decreases toxic nutrient levels in the soil by buffering harmful salts and gently protecting soil pH.
  • Allows for seed germination over areas of stressed turf and release of nutrients in the soil
  • Optimizes root growth.
  • Improves drought tolerance, disease resistance, and plant cell division, resulting in greener plants.

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