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Soil Tillage


Cultivation is one of the predominant operations in agriculture. Cultivation is a soil tillage, which doesn’t turn the soil layer, ensures loosening and partial mixing of the soil, levels the surface of a field, cuts weeds (if any) and incorporates fertilizers and herbicides. The main purpose of cultivators is tillage of the plowed soil, as it gets infested with weeds and covered with a soil crust. Cultivation makes sense before planting of any crop. It can also be used for management of inter-row spacing in row crops.

Cultivators for surface tillage «Agro-Soyuz ASK» and «Agro-Soyuz ASKS» are universal and very efficient machines, which are implemented for general tillage at a strictly preset depth.

The boot enters the soil at 10-15° angle. This small angle (chisel effect) allows the boot to enter the soil even when it is hard.
Agro-Soyuz’s cultivators are equipped with domestically manufactured boots, but should the customer wish, we can equip them with «Clip-On» and «Mulch-Mix» boots.

Sweeps and «Clip-on» boots ensure full horizontal cutting, restoring the contact between the cut layer and the soil.
«Mulch-Mix» boots are designed for deeper tillage. They loosen the soil and ensure even mixing of crop residues with the surface layer of the soil.

Using Agro-Soyuz’s cultivators, you will:

  • Level the soil surface,
  • Mechanically kill weeds,
  • Maintain more than 80% of residues on the soil surface.

When cultivation is done, a mulch layer and organic stuff are left on the soil surface, preventing soil erosion, flooding, soil heating and water evaporation.

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