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Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Sokkia SET330R, SET530R and SET630R Total Stations


These reflectorless total stations employ a small-diameter visible laser to obtain measurements with pinpoint accuracy. Fine objects, as well as the corners of walls and other structures, can be measured precisely. Accurate measurements can also be made through obstacles such as fences and tree branches. Units are Bluetooth®-capable. Accuracy is ±(3 + 2 ppm x D) mm, with a continuous measurement speed of 1.3 seconds (in fine measurement mode).
Telescope: Length, 171 mm; Magnification, SET330R and SET530R, 30x; SET630R, 26x; Image, erect; Resolving Power, SET330R and SET530R, 3ý; SET630R, 3.5ý; Field of View, 1¡30« (26m/1,000 m); Minimum Focus, 4.3 ft. (1.3m). Angle Measurement: Display Resolution (selectable), 1ý/5ý, 0.2mgon/1mgon, 0.005mil selectable; Accuracy (ISO/DIS 12857-2:1997), SET330R, 3ý (1 mgon); SET530R, 5ý (1.5 mgon); SET630R, 6ý (1.9 mgon). Distance Measuring Range (Slope distance): Good conditions - no haze, visibility 25 miles (40km), overcast, no scintillation; Single AP01 Prism, SET330R and SET530R, 13,100« (4,000m); SET630R, 9,800« (3,000m). Distance Measuring Time: Initial, less than 3 sec.

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