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Solar Dryer


Dryer preserves foods by removing enough moister from food to prevent decay and spoilage. Solar dryer is working on the principal that hot air absorbs more moisture than cooled air. Air is heated by specially designed solar collectors and passed through a chamber for drying.

  • Enough heat to draw out moister, without cooking the food;
  • Dry air to absorb the released moisture; and
  • Adequate air circulation to carry off the moisture.

 Capacity of drier depends on the area of collector and the size of the drying chamber varies from 50 to 1000 kg / 03 days.

The solar dryers can be used for:

  • Preserving and drying of crops, herbs, foods, fruits, vegetables, seeds, meat and fish etc
  • Food processing industries.

  • The use of solar dryer systems to conserve vegetables, fruits, coffee, and other crops is practical,
  • economical and environmentally responsible
  • Solar dryer systems improve the quality of the product, while reducing wasted produce and traditional fuels.
  • Solar dried products reduce storage and transportation costs as well as associated problems from climatic effects.
  • Solar dryers are a cost-effective solution to food preservation in sunny climates.
  • Industrial drying processes.
  • Implementing the use of solar drying systems will result in significant savings to farmers
  • Solar dryer systems improve the quality of life
  • Solar dryer system technology now in existence can be adapted to meet almost every agricultural need
  • Solar dryers are light weight and easy to move.

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