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Drying and its process has evolved over time. There is an element which remains vital today: THE SUN. It is making the most of their potential arising solar greenhouses Chatron. Use as a base and as a central element solar panels SVP. Use as a base and as a central element solar panels SVP. Can be installed up to 8 units. SVP2.5 in series, for in each set series 20 m2 of catchment area. If more thermal power required can always resort to parallel these series.

In addition to the solar panels also have other components including:

  • Modular Structure in sandwich panel
  • In-line centrifugal fan that makes the inflation of the hot air inside the greenhouse
  • Temperature and humidity control system
  • Moist air extraction fan
  • Fans of “swirling air”
  • Probe temperature and humidity

A - Panel Solar-Vent-plus

Hot air generation and dry breathe in the greenhouse.

B - Hot air blowing fan

(from SVP panels) Blowing hot air produced in the SVP panels into the greenhouse.

C - Ventilator “swirling air”

It’s one or more ventilators that will recirculate a large mass of air within the greenhouse.

D - Additional Heating System

Electric heating system that would support the drying in the days without sun and / or overnight.

E - Temperature and Humidity Control System

It’s an electric Framework composed of protection and control elements of the two variables at play: Temperature and Relative Humidity.

F - Moist air extraction fan

Extract the moist air to the outside, resulting from the drying process.

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