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Solaria PowerGrow (Greenhouse Solutions) - Greenhouse Glass that promotes plant growth and captures solar power. Solaria has developed an industry-leading technology for manufacturing of solar PV modules optimized for greenhouse applications.  Both plants and solar panels require sunlight, and before now it has not been possible to do both under the same roof.  But, with Solaria’s proprietary technology, developed over the last decade in cutting, stringing and laminating PV cells, Solaria’s greenhouse photovotaic (GHPV) modules efficiently convert part of the sunlight into electricity while transmitting quality light for agriculture production underneath the modules.  These innovative modules enable greenhouse growers to produce electricity for either offsetting their own power needs or enables them to generate revenue on the same existing footprint of their greenhouses, all without compromising their agricultural productivity.

Solaria’s GHPV products and technology are designed to address the unique needs of farmers and their business, specifically:

1. Crop Performance: 
Maintain or improve plant production yield

2. Light Efficiency: 
Enable uniform transmission and arbitrary transmission ratio of light penetration to optimize balance between PV and plant growth requirements

3. Save Energy and Money: 
Reduce electricity bills or eliminate them altogether

4. Leverage Incentives:
Make the greenhouse eligible for potential energy efficiency and renewable generation related incentive

5. Energy Independence:
Reduce dependency on the grid

Solaria’s Greenhouse Photovoltaics technology is being adopted by leading greenhouse growers around the world.

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