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Solid Fertilizer Distributors Bedders



High performance machine for applying organic fertilizers (dung) with integrated plough. The machine is pulled and driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The equipment allows an accurate dosing of the fertilizer either by spreading in the surface or by localizing it at a defined depth in the soil. The high flexibility and the multiple available accessories allow the use in many different plantations. 

Main technical characteristics:

  • Hopper with capacity from 2,5 m3
  • Rubber tires and adjustable axis width
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working depth
  • Hydraulic adjustment of dosing feeder
  • Articulated draw bar (allows turns up to 90º)
  • Ladder and platform in both sides
  • Frontal support foot
  • Hydraulic brake and positioning hand brake
  • Hydraulic gear lock gate automatically operated
  • Plough-applicator chassis equipped with plough and fixed arms.

Main optional equipment:

  • Hydraulic power unit independent from the tractor
  • Lateral hydraulic marker
  • Spreader disc (for surface spreading – working with 12 m)
  • Single or double subsoiler
  • Ramp for “free fall” unloading Quick integral hitch on the tractor (Fully automatic to re-hitch and release on tractor)
  • Electric controls in the tractor cab
  • Automatic dosage device “Davitronic”

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