- Bank Flail Mower


The new SOLO Bank Flail Mower is purpose made to cut grass and scrub on extreme slopes and banks.

Key features include:
- Outstanding grip on steep slopes from an all-terrain six-wheel or track driven chassis
- Cuts grass and scrub on extreme slopes
- Powerful 'floating' flail head. Cuts through scrub and long grass to leave an excellent finish
- Engine Management System. The engine automatically tilts to remain upright when operating on extreme slopes
- Low-cost. This professional SOLO machine will appeal to budget-concious organisations
- Remotely operated up to 150m away. The operator is always safe and out of harm's way

The SOLO Bank Mower mows extreme slopes & banks and gets the job done safely & quickly.

The prototype SOLO Bank Flail Mower was previewed and demonstrated to trade partners and the press at two shows in the UK in 2013 - Fruit Focus, East Malling, Kent and the Mid-Devon Show, Devon. Machines have been shipping from production since December 2013.

The images above and below shows the unmanned SOLO Bank Flail Mower cutting long grass on extreme slopes recently, some over 40 degrees - and  being demonstrated at shows in Kent and Devon.

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